Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It's not a game controller

When my son isn't around to help me capture images of my knits, Mr iLE AiYE steps in, whilst he's really good at this job, I'm forever telling him, the camera button is not a game controller, ie you're not playing a shoot um up game, cause he just clicks on that poor button a thousand times a second. hence we end up with images like these. whilst all arty and that, it's not really focusing on the garment. So for today, these are the images available of my new wool sweater... Just think Abstract :)


Louise said...

Haha very amusing. But these images are very dreamy and lovely, I think! I say let him go for it. :)

cherylline said...

don't encourage him Louise :))
but I agree, they are lovely images if I wasn't trying to show particular details etc.