Thursday, January 6, 2011

More day light please...

January is one of those months you either love it or hate it (it's such a long month),
The 1st of 12, I've grown to love it, it's a new beginning, the start of new things, and most importantly, the days start to get a little longer, take today, it's now 4.15pm, in London, and we still have daylight, this time last week, it would have been dark. Spring is almost in our grasp, and I for one can't wait.
So each new day of January brings with it a few additional precious minutes of daylight.
The only bad thing is, this week, we've had dark dark clouds, so trying to get images of my knits has been impossible, I've practically given up, But I'm living in hope for a brighter day tomorrow, and those few additional minutes.

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