Sunday, January 23, 2011

My day at Greenwich

Glass nail files, I don't really pay any attention to my nails and haven't owned a nail files since I was in my twenties, but if I was the kind of women who did file her nails I would certainly treat myself to one of these.

These gel burners were really special, and if I had a garden one of these would have found it's way home with me, They're hollow inside, with a little stainless steel cup which rests in the hole at the top, when filled with gel oil, it burns smoke and odourless free. when you're all finished, you just pop the lid on and out goes the flame, these would make wonderful presents, and so affordable, and what you can't tell from these images is the size, some of them are really quite large.

These pot notch hanging wood 'things' were fun, perfect again for someone with a garden who enjoys hanging baskets. and so simple, the pots just notch into the curve on the wood frame, and then just hang. Simple.

I treated myself to a simple silver ring, which the maker made up for me whilst I wondered around the market.
I'll post images of this later.

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Louise said...

What a fabulous market!