Thursday, February 24, 2011

That yummy Teal yarn

Petroleum Teal, side slit Sweater
Petroleum Teal, side slit Sweater

This week has been full of mid-night knitting, ie: up in the middle of the night, and knitting through to dawn and beyond. Last night me and my needles worked on that yummy petroleum teal yarn which I was telling you about. it's the same yarn which I'm using in the grunge sweaters,

Next project is a cape in the same yarn, but either the charcoal, or a grey mottle. But first it's back to knitting up my orders.


Louise said...

That late night stuff sounds familiar... Do you play the radio? I listened to the wind last night. Just the night breeze. That yarn is a beautiful colour... and might I add that I ADORE the jeans and boots?? ;D

Di said...

It's REALLY nice Cherylline!

cherylline said...

Louise I generally watch the 24 news channel, or sit in silence, but mostly the news, my flat is to small to have the radio on in the middle of the night, people would think I'm running a disco :)