Friday, March 4, 2011

A nice warm shrug on those chilly days

So using the charcoal yarn which I was initially going to knit a new cape from, I came over with an urge last night to knit up a long sleeved shrug, which will also double up as a scarf.
This is the same yarn which I've been using on the grunge sweaters, it's very warm, something which was really needed this morning at 9am, as my son might say 'oh my days it's freezing'

If you look closely you'll notice I had a bit of fun in the chemist yesterday, and painted each fingernail with a different coloured polish, I've not owned or painted my nails in about 10 years, This will not be the case from now on, as I ended up buying two shades, a black, and a very dark plum.

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