Friday, April 29, 2011

What a stunning day

The Service

What a perfect flawless day yesterday's wedding was,
I watched the event at my girlfriends garden flat, sipping champagne, and eating lunch in her overgrown wild gorgeous garden, we oohed and aahed over all the fabulous outfits, and those that were not so fab, we screamed 'what is that'.
But what struck me most was the honesty of our prince and his love for his bride, it was so touching.
For more images of the day check-out the royals flicker page


Louise said...

Lucky you for sharing it in such a lovley atmosphere. I watched snippets of pixelated stop-start footage via youtube on my computer, all alone without champagne! Oh if my Etsy & blog friends were closer by, life would be wonderful! Wasn't Kate amazing, she was so nervous, her chest was pounding in the church! Very beautiful dress and day, lovely pair! :D

Louise said...

Oh by the way, did you say 'what is that?' to Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice's bizarre hats? :/

cherylline said...

HA how did you guess, re: Eugines hat, what a disaster.
I loved how prince william cracked a small smile ate kate when they were sat in the church, and he struggled so hard to return to a straight face.
and how Harry gave kate two checky up & down looks when she arrived at the alter.
You should check out the BBC website I'm sure they have the full no-buffer version on there.
If you were closer Louise, you would definitely have been on our guest list in the garden. :)