Friday, June 17, 2011

I was missing in action for a while there

Wow the past two weeks have been manic, to point of over whelming really, but I'm now on the other side and can see some spare minutes in my day. :)
so this morning I quickly knitted up this Bamboo shrug, just a pretty little shoulder cover up to accessorize your outfit, the yarn is flat, like tape, and has a really decent weight to it. This will be a limited edition as I have a small stock of this discontinued yarn, it's also available in a pale pink, emerald green, and a slate greyish/blue.


Louise said...

It's gorgeous! Nice to have you back C. :)

cherylline said...

YEah, It's nice to be back, what a hectic couple of weeks.
hope all is good in your world. :)