Tuesday, June 28, 2011

OK so I'm weak

Honestly if yarn had calories I'm be humongous, I just can't say no, and that little voice in my head just keeps taunting me until I say 'oh ok then'. can you see where this is going, I'm admitting I have a problem, and after stating I was only going to work with 5 shades of the bamboo yarn, I've gone and upt it to 7, cause I was weak and bought this lovely shade of brown, and the delicate spring green.
Now i just need to find a spare minute to knit them up. :)


Louise said...

Oh, don't berate yourself dear! We all have our days. ;D I went and splurged on some Irish linen thread recently, I only really wanted the off-white - but then she just had to stock all the colours of the rainbow - so what's a girl to do?

cherylline said...

did you buy the rainbow Louise, :) I'm guessing the off-white came home with company.