Thursday, August 25, 2011


YEAH I've booked a VACATION for the first time in some years, I'm taking a full whole week off, and heading to the sunny skies of Greece on 6th September.

I won't be closing my store entirely, but any orders placed from tomorrow 26th August onwards will require an additional 7 - 10 days to process.


Crochet Mushroom said...

Have a wonderful holiday. Sounds fabulous.

Louise said...

Oh C so happy for you! That's marvellous news. Have you been to Greece before? I hope you are being brave and leaving those needles behind... have a wonderful, relaxing time - just what you deserve! :)

cherylline said...

Yes Louise I went islands hopping in Greece about 3 years ago, and loved it.
this time, I'm staying on one island (Crete) and just(hopefully) soaking up the sun. I'm taking just one pair of needles with me, you just never know when the urge may take me, plus it helps fill up the time when I'm waiting for Mr iLE AiYE or when I can't sleep at night.