Friday, December 30, 2011

Well Hello.. 2012

Before I welcome in 2012, I must give thanks to a very cool 2011, for the most part it ran smoothly, with no major tragedies, or to many failures. iLE AiYE was a huge success this past year and I owe so much to my needles, yarn, and without doubt my customers, without whom, I'd be a frustrated browser of yarn. So I hereby hope that 2012 is everything you all wish it to be, and if any surprises pop up, they manage to leave you and your families, still happy, healthy, and full of love. HAPPY NEW YEAR.


Louise said...

A happy new year to you Cherylline! May 2012 bring more success for you and your needles! :)

cherylline said...

Happy new year to you Louise, I hope your leather and paper reaches new heights this year too.
Have fun.xo