Sunday, January 15, 2012

The evening firefly shrug

This week has been quite a struggle, Mr iLE AiYE and I came down with the flue and have suffered simultaneously all week long,it's been a real battle trying to keep my eyes open, knitting in-between sneezing, couching and generally feeling totally rubbish. This morning i felt a tad better, so before this custom order went out in the mail, I pulled myself together and got some images done. This is similar to the original evening firefly shrug, but the shades are a mix of gold, amber, black and silver.


Louise said...

Sorry to hear you have both been under the weather, it must be cold over there right now. We have the opposite, you should come to NZ and bask in the sunshine. :) The shrug is beautiful, as all your work usually is - I wish you wellness. x

cherylline said...

Ahh thank you Louise
I've not had flue for like 8 years, so I guess it was my time, but not at all nice. I'd jump on a plane tomorrow if I could, to bask in your warm sun :)
London is a little cold, but so far this winter hasn't been to bad, compared to recent years.
But I'd swap boots for sandals any day