Friday, January 27, 2012

a striped sweaterI

I'm a little partial to some stripe in my wardrobe, and with a low stock of this berry red yarn, I figured the best way to make it stretch would be a striped sweater. So last night I decided enough of knitting orders, and take a few hours to knit up something new, (It seems an age since I had time to do this) I also have plans to knit this same style sweater but in cotton (no stripes) and a thinner knit, suitable for summer days. so it was imperative to kick start with this, to enable me to work out the drape on the cotton version. any way. I was rather chuffed this morning, when I asked my son to take some pictures, he said 'did you make that', Yes I said, he replied 'it's well nice' :) So I'll take the complement with grace, thank you.

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