Saturday, February 4, 2012

First there was

www. then there was, facebook, then twitter, then tumbler, and now there's Pinterest.
 I have an account with all of the above, but I've just discovered the joys of Pinterest, not only can you waste away to much time looking at other peoples Pins, but eventually when you've liked or pinned to your own boards, it really gives you an insight into your own style.
 It took me until my late 30's to know what really looked good on me, and roughly what my style was, And surprisingly what my favourite all time colour was, I know it's shocking isn't it, but I could never settle on a particular colour as I thought they all had there place, But I think I can now say Red closely followed by yellow are my favourite shades. Anyway, if you'd like to follow my pinterest account the link is below, and please feel free to share your pinterest address with me. happy pinning.

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