Sunday, March 18, 2012

something new

Well my week of knitting up new designs has shrunk somewhat, as I'm just to busy, but I does appear I'll have 3 days at the end of this week,  but in order to get myself through the next couple of days of knitting up orders, I decided to knit up this yummy tank,
It's a light weight, loose knit, and utterly comfy, perfect for laying, and comes in some gorgeous summer shades,
This one is the darkest of the shades, being a slate grey.

in other news, I headed to the hairdresses last week, it's almost a year since I last went, This time I decided to layer up the back / bottom a bit , it's always hard to see the back of your hair, so this image above really gave me an idea of what was going on back there,  I'm kind of chuffed with it, and it feels and looks a lot healthier. :)

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