Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I'm home from vacation, with some newbies

OMG what a lovely holiday, completely restful, loving, and beautiful, 
I'm in love with Greece, having visited some 8 or so islands to date, all of them unique, and stunning, I simply can't wait to head back again sometime soon, 
For now I'll be dreaming of my long sunny days, taking it easy, and knitting at my leisure. 

So this is one of the sweaters I had in mind to do, and finished it just yesterday, oh  it's a little gem, I'll be keeping this original one for myself, and looking forward to knitting it up in some other shades, I have a red one almost finished, which I'll show you tomorrow. 

What I'm also loving is the lighting, what better lighting than natural sun shine, it just brings everything out beautifully in photos, the detail, the shades, PERFECT what a difference  it makes, to the glum cloudy skies of London.

Well for now,I'm off to my bed, and then I have to catch up with an awful lot tomorrow. 

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