Sunday, November 4, 2012

It always makes me happy

When a customer takes the time out of their day, to capture an image of them wearing an iLE AiYE garment. Yesterday Hilary sent me this cool image of her new black comfy iLE AiYE sweater, which I was so happy to receive, as I've said before it's a rare thing to see my knits being worn by someone other than me or my mum, so a surprise convo with attached pictures really makes my day. Hillary is a fine photographer taking this image herself, with a tripod and self timer. Wow.. she really is very talented. you can check out her professional work here and here I'm loving her great atmospheric landscape work.

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Hilary said...

Thank you Cherylline!! I love my comfy soft sweater soooooo much. Thanks also for sharing my website and Flickr site with your followers - I really appreciate it!
You make AWESOME sweaters!!