Sunday, April 26, 2009

My most important creation

So this week my lovely 17 and 3 quarter old son is playing living on his own with his mates,

He'll be staying at his friends house for the next 10 days, without adult supervision, as his friends mother is away in Cuba.
One of the most important creations in my life is my son, I've dedicated every minute of his 17.3/4 years to him. So whilst I'm excited for him to have this free space, I'm nervous in that I hope what he does with this free space will be all in the positive and not in the negative.

Although I suspect a little drinking will be part of his free space,

However, this all means that after he's spent 10 days away from me, and living it large, when he returns I will undoubtedly be dealing with a more grown up version of what left the house this weekend.
So a little reminiscence kind of wafted over me this morning.


AMIdesigns said...

I dread the day my 10 yr old and my 7 yr old grow up and I have to treat them as nearly-adult! I sure he will have a ball, but be sensible and appreciate you even more for letting him spread his wings

Anonymous said...

we've all been 17 and three quarters, so we can possibly guess the agenda! there are many very sensible 17 and three quarter year olds though, so just reassure yourself that you have raised a good one :) try not to worry and enjoy your bit of space too!