Sunday, July 26, 2009

lemon seed

Well I've been cutting up lemons every day for years now, We use them for our tea, and for salad dressings every day.

This morning, I did the normal, sliced a piece of lemon, then cut the slice in half, and poured the hot water over it, with an earl grey tea bag. The lemon as normal floated to the top, but what wasn't normal, was, just sat on top of the lemon was this green leafy thing, I popped my fingers in to pick it out thinking is might be some lettuce or whatever, well it wouldn't come out, on closer inspection, is was actually one of the lemon seeds inside of the lemon, which had started sprouting, I was quite surprised, I've not seen a sprouting seed inside of a lemon, or anything before. Yes sprouting outside of the skin for sure, Maybe there something weird going on with my lemons :-))))

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