Monday, July 27, 2009

ying and yang

I say ying yang,
because whilst this weekend has been great for sales, and exposure, 2 etsy front pages within 20hours of each other, The one above was this afternoon, and a lovely lady sent me the screen shot. the yang, or was it the ying, meant that in the middle of all the ups, came a big down, my laptop gave up on me, and I lost everything, well I say everything, most of it, I thankfully keep a usb for back ups, so the important stuff is all saved, but what a palava fixing it all up again, whilst trying to knit up and post orders It's been one of those days when the universe tests your ability to keep calm. Thankfully I'm back online on my laptop, a good majority of my orders are in the post, but it's taken since 6am this morning.

1 comment:

We Make Christmas said...

yay on the sales and front pages. Glad you got the interent back too xx