Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm now ready for bed.

I say I'm ready for bed, not just cause this is a stunning looking bed ah, couldn't you just dream some really sweet dreams tucked up in there.
I could buy it if I had a space $9,600.00 from Yes believe it, you can buy it on etsy.
I digress.
I'm ready for bed, because Yesterday all my plans went to pot. It happens like that sometimes, I had/and still have a mega list of knitting to do, but at 5pm in the evening, my darling timi, said he'd like to go out and visit his brother, and did I want to come, Well his brother and him can talk, so I thought yeah, I'll just take my knitting and laptop. easy.
The evening consisted of a 4 hour conversation about CAUSE AND EFFECT. I told you they could talk. But I like that subject so I jumped right in. -hardly any knitting was done -
At 11pm we realised we hadn't eaten, so Chuck dished us all up a stir fry. yummy. next minute it was 2.30am. ARGGHH.
I had no choice when I reached home, if I slept I'd wake up feeling like phoo, and hardly anything would get done, So I made myself a strong coffee, and yes at 3am I began knitting, It's now almost 6pm Monday evening, and I'm whacked, But the knitting is done, the orders are in the post, and dinner is in the oven. and my bed is calling me. but surprisingly I don't feel like phoo. :-)

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We Make Christmas said...

oh wow what a lovely bed.
Sounds like you had a fab eve and busy day, now for a well deserved rest.