Sunday, August 9, 2009

Someone mentioned Karma today

AmiDesigns talks about Karma today on her blog, Well done by the way on the sales, and the weekend deal promo.

So having read Ami's blog, it prompted me to think about what karma must be passing by my little door.

In the last two weeks i've made about 70 or more sales, almost 20 of those are cardigans, mostly the kimono style. Lot's of kimono shrugs, ponchos, MY new waistcoat and some click it collars.

Not to mention lots of Front Page action on Etsy, with MY Plum Waistcoat, which generates exposure.

I generally try to keep my little world free of bad vibes, I don't bring trouble to peoples doors, (unless they are blatently bringing it to mine) I create in my own UNIQUE style, in MY way. and I DON'T IMMITATE.

So maybe along with the spirits in heaven that help me to have a very happy life, and my life moto 'Do unto others as you would have done unto you' I too am carrying some good design/sale karma. Along with happy life and love karma.

I truely feel looked after. :-)


AMIdesigns said...

oh my goodness! your sales are incredible this past fortnight - and well deserved.

what goes around, definitely comes around :D

cherylline said...

Thanks Ami, I'm in utter shock, plus my fingers are wondering what's goin on with all this extra work :-)