Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A day in Paris

Our day started at 5am, taking the Euro star from London to Paris was smooth and efficient. Totally recommend this way of reaching the French city.
The weather was warm, and dry so no complaints there, but i have to say I have a huge complaint re: shopping in Paris, I'd been so looking forward to finding myself something funky, but after hours of searching, I reached the conclusion, that as with most European cities that I've visited, the choice of clothing is hugely disappointing, with more high streets now stacked with the same chain stores. and the independent boutiques pushed out of business through the lack of originality from today's shoppers. Everyone looks and dresses the same, from the same stores, it's almost like a uniform. I truly thought Paris, would give me something a little different, but I'm sorry to say, all I returned home with was three cream cakes and a baguette.
All this said, it was a fun and lovely day for me and my Timi, to spend in each others company,

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