Sunday, October 4, 2009

HAPPY 2nd ETSY Versary to me / iLE AiYE

This is just a quickie, I'm far to busy, for anything today.

but I have to mark the day somehow, 4th October 2007 I joined Etsy, having looked at some of the other knitwear designers, I was thinking wow it'd be great if I could make 40 sales,

2 years later, and I've made 906 recorded sales, i reckon the actual number is above 1,000. with many custom orders containing more than one item.

Thank you to my etsy customers, and friends for giving me the opportunity to knit like a mad women, to give up my day job, and do what I love doing most.

big kisses. XXXX

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We Make Christmas said...

Happy Etsy Birthday and congratulations on its sucess, you deserve it xx