Saturday, October 31, 2009

I'm down with October

So October seemed to start off a little slower than previous month of late, I was thinking OK, this is the slow down. but before I knew it, I'd been featured in an Etsy Finds email/storque article, which sent my store into complete overdrive. ~Now having experienced this magnitude of sales / convo's and frantic knitting, in such a short space of time, I no longer hold an ambition to be a featured Seller on Etsy. It's crazy stressful, if you don't keep your Calm about you, and generally totally MAD.

It took me a good two weeks to clear the orders from the etsy finds exposure, luckily sales have since steadied themselves out somewhat. Giving me time to sleep. ;-)

The big news for iLE AiYE this month was hitting 1,000 sales, and from what I can see, this has put iLE AiYE at the top of the sales list for knitters on the whole of etsy. Something I never thought would happen, this is of course with exception of My friend cricketscreations, she's on 1,300 and something, but since she branched out from selling just scarves and introduced her Fringe photo props earlier this year, this has pushed her sales upto to that figure, and good on her, she's a lovely lady. But it takes her out of the 'Just knitting; section.

I gained an additional 555 shop hearts bringing the total to 3,667. and total sales for the month have almost hit 150

The best seller for October , was my 'moment 2 myself' chunky cardigan. I'm really chuffed with this, as the cardigan is such a great comfortable design, totally affordable, and perfect for every occasion, So it's extremely pleasing to find that my customers are seeing these attributes and snatching one up for the themselves, and as one of my customers stated in her feedback, 'its like wearing a hug'

So November is just around the corner, it'll be interesting to see what comes my way.

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