Saturday, December 12, 2009

I'm sure my Dad won't mind

FM Transmiter FM Stereo to iPod Mp3 CD PDA DVD

So yesterday I was thinking, my dad has a new IPOD and has used an MP3 player for years, and loves it, but I'm not sure if he has a MP3 player machine in his car. and how frustrating this must be, also he sometimes drives 3 different cars in a day, and I'm pretty sure not all three would have an MP3 sterio.

Whilst knitting my mind wanders off to thinking there surely must be something you can buy that connects your MP3 / Ipod to your car sterio. So off I go Googling, and sure enough there is such a thing. WHOOOPEEE. infact it looks so simple and it was so reasonably priced I bought 3 of them. one for Dad, one for my brother and one for me.

So if you're after a little stocking filler for your brother, dad, husband or boyfriend, I'm sure this will go down a treat.

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