Sunday, December 13, 2009

It is new

This is a custom order from one of my regular customers in New York, she actually requested something quite different from this, more in the style of my Moment 2 Myself cardi, but with a smaller/tighter stitch. Whilst I was knitting it, I really wasn't getting very exciting, maybe it was because the yarn and needle size are to close to the recommended specs. which to be honest is not somthing I ever do. After a convo to my customer explaining that I didn't think the end result was going to be unique, she entrusted me to do what ever I felt fit.

So this is it. ....
I'm now waiting to hear back from her, it'll be a nail biting afternoon.

Good news, my lovely customer likes it, so it will be heading off tomorrow. and the bonus is another good customer loves it too, and is thinking of having it in another shade.

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