Monday, February 8, 2010


Quite by surprise, I sold this bag last week, Just as my mind has been pondering the purchase of a leather sewing machine. Maybe it's a message from the heavens telling me to do it, cause now this lovely pink lush bag has gone, I have only two bags left, and a stack of leather skins which will go either unused, or turned into wrist cuffs, which could be a complete waste of some very lovely leathers. But at £800.00 upwards for a machine, I'm a bit nervous, plus without a studio to house it, I would have to place it in my living room, and these leather machine are not small, I'm also wondering how noisy they might be, I remember in college the electricity was really loud, So I'm off to do some research, and count my pennies.

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We Make Christmas said...

yay, you sold it, its such a lovely leather and such a lovely bag xx