Sunday, February 7, 2010

Success story

So back in October I mentioned my telephone call to my long time friend Natalie.
and I promised to share her success story with you. Well her success has been overwhelming starting from a late night drinking session at home with her fella, and her brother who asked Nat to make up a welsh rarebit for a midnight snack. Nat picked a receipe from an old welsh cook book that I'd given her years before, the snack went down well with the boys, so well infact, that they encouraged her to mix up her own version, and try selling it. Nat got on the case (she loves to cook) and in no time had come up with a spreadable welsh rarebit. She went off to her first farmers market with pots of the stuff and sold out, from here she's gone from strength to strength, supplying Deli's across Wales and recently both Tesco's and Waitrose are test running it in their welsh stores. But the cherry on her cake is, On the 27th of this month Natty's Welsh Rarebit will be Launching in Harvy Nicholas - Knightsbridge.
OMG Nat and I used to sit in the restaurant in there when we were in our 20's, sipping coffee and wandering around the store trying on the designer cloths, who would have imagined that in 3 weeks time I'll be popping in there to support my mate who will have her product on the shelves of Harvey Nics food hall.

This is all within 3 years from that first late night snack.
I'm so proud of her, and wish her all the best in world domination of Welsh Rarebit.


Bigbluebed said...

That is a good story. Well done to your friend.

Natalie said...

Oh sweetheart, am so touched you put me up there,
I know! recalling the times me and you in our beauty glory sipping coffee and trying on the designer wear and shoes in complete awe of Harvey Nics offerings and now I am one of their suppliers!!!! I cant believe it, I have to pinch meself for a reality about heavenly powers?? big friendly smiley hug to you my very dear old friend, xxxx