Friday, June 4, 2010

For Beach Babes

i'm excited by my new design, which is hot off my needles this morning.
it's a simple design, (often the best) but with the right colours and fabrics, it's becomes a lot more than simple, and more like stunning.
If only I was 21 again, or lived on a beach in Greece. i'd be strolling around in the sun wearing one of these. Sadly I'm much older than 21 and live in the city of London, I think I'd get some odd looks strolling around the local market in this.
For you beady eyed regulars to by blog. You'll notice I've utilised those tassels once more. (how handy they are turning out to be)..
I will dare to model this later today, but first i need to finish some orders and get them posted out.

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