Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A lovely start to a peaceful day

This morning I received a surprise convo from a customer who'd purchased one of my firefly shrugs for her outfit which was to be worn at her daughters forth coming wedding. The convo this morning included a couple of images from the big day, which showed off the firefly shrug just beautifully. I think it captures the virtue of the shrug perfectly, it's designed to give a women modesty, to cover the arms in situations where a bare arm is just not fitting for the event, and well the mother of the bride is a women of modesty.

What also pleased me, is, as i don't sell very much via face 2 face contact these days, it's kind of rare to see my creations on other people, i'm only seeing them on me, So the imags just confirmed that my work is real, goes to real people and is worn in real situations.

you know some days within minutes of being awake you know the day is going to be nice / or in some cases bad, The convo and images this morning really made me happy, and assured me today would be a nice day. Now as i'm about to head for my bed, I can confirm today was a peaceful, quiet and happy day, from start to finish.

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