Sunday, June 13, 2010

Having a good ol clearout

Picture rights belong to ileaiye - Cherylline Price
This weekend i've been having the biggest clear-out of all my cupboards, storage, furniture, just about everything, i'm half way through, and so excited about my new Bureau storage, come sewing station, i'll post some pictures of this when it's all finished and housed in its correct position. Anyway, whilst rummaging around, I found a CD with images full of a trip I took to Morroco a few years ago, I haven't seen these pictures for quite some time, so it was a real joy to find them again.
Here's a couple for you to view
The top image was taken at dawn on the morning after a night spent in a Berber camp on the edge of the sahara desert. I chose not to sleep in one of the tents, but instead pulled out my mattress and slept under the starts. (well it's not every day you get to spend the night in the Sahara with clear skies). I can sleep in a tent anytime.
The sand dune as you can see is absolutely massive, I did attempt to climb it, but believe me, it was no mean feat.
The second image is me tucking into a vegetarian terrine, which had been cooked Just off camera, on the road side, much like a kiosk, what fascinates me still to this day, is that I managed to eat my food whilst sat amongst all those carcases, what with me not having eaten meat in over 20 years.
But in my defence I'd travelled in a car for near on 8 hrs, from Fez, heading to Mazouga I was hot and hungry.
The third picture is the hotel I stayed at in the Sahara dessert, these little sandcastle structures are an amazing site to see whilst being driven in a four wheeler amongst the dunes, it took my breath away, how beautiful they were, both inside and out.
And of course the fourth picture is of just four of the beautiful camels that carried us to the Berber camp.

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