Monday, June 14, 2010

My new workstation

Yeah how happy am I this morning, my workstation, sat perfectly in it's allocated space, and everything I wanted to store in it, fits perfectly, Top shelf is Beads/jewelery making.
middle and bottom shelf is leather hardware tools, dremel drill, pots containing cable needles, sewing needles, tape measures, scissors etc.
Table area has my sewing machine, and laptop.
The stool also has storage, which is home for all my mailing envelopes, packaging, and pending orders, and the shelf at the bottom (which isn't really visible in these images, has my leather filing drawers, with all my paperwork.

Now, I'm sat waiting for my Sofa and knitting chair to arrive, I'm biting nails hoping the huge comfiness gets through our doors, so by this time tomorrow, Ill be able to share the good vibe pictures, and won't instead be in tears.

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