Sunday, June 27, 2010

Work in progress

This is a sneaky preview of the cable sweater which i posted about over a month ago.
It's been a very challenging project, mainly because of all the counting, and knitting at the front, then the back every 4 stitches, as well as trying to design a swing effect. In the end, after unravelling 3/4 of my first attempt, I decided to use the method of cabling, but to not follow the usual cable rules, as the look was far to uniformed, so my version involved moving the cable sections around, in no particular manner, this was my first ever attempt at cable knitting, and well, I'm chuffed to bits with it, (although this image makes the cables look quite large it's actually no where near as large as it looks ) I'm pretty pleased that I've managed without any kind of pattern (cause you know I don't read or use patterns ever) to knit this style on the fly, and that it's come out, thus far, looking exactly how I'd envisaged it.
The yarn is the most luscious dark chocolate alpaca. which is an absolute breeze to knit with, now my only disappointment is, I won't be keeping this sweater for myself, as it belongs to my lovely customer who sent me those ribbons back in February.
More pictures will follow just as soon as this is completed.

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