Saturday, June 26, 2010

A day out at WeMake

Linen  pincushion - crochet motif
Crochet Linen Flowers Brooches - set of 3

So yesterday, i took myself off to the WeMAKE fair atChelsea town hall, Kings Road.
and enjoyed a browse around at all the wonderful handmade goodies on offer.
with over 60 stalls it was a hard choice finding a little something to come away with, but I settled on a pin cushion and two broaches very similar to the ones above. i'd seen store on etsy, and quite fancied a new pin cushion for some time. and those little crochet broaches are just perfect for all manner of things, as i often pin clothes as a way of altering them without going though the hassle of completely restructuring them on the sewing machine, and i am a bit of a soft touch when it comes to broaches, i think this is my main weekness for jewellery, as i'm not a big fan of necklaces, and I dont wear earring.
anyway I'm very happy with these little beauties, and I just love her choice of colours, they just have that vintage look about them.

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