Thursday, August 26, 2010

Click IT a new shade

Turquoise click-it Collar

This week I've added a new shade to my 'click it' collars, this is a gorgeous dusky turquoise, the image doesn't quite show the warmth of this colour, I find it really tricky describing a colour, and with everyone having a different screen resolution, this makes it more difficult share. A handy tool to use is this I'd match the collar to what this tool describes as polo blue, but who on earth would know what colour polo blue was??


Louise said...

This is really lovely, and goes well with your (gorgeous) brown jacket! :)

cherylline said...

Thanks Louise, I know you appreciate Leather too. This jacket was full of tassels when I bought it, but I just loved the shaping and of course the dark rich colour, I braved myself and cut all the tassels off. I'm so happy I did. The weather is now cool in London so I'm reaching for it every day. ;-)

Louise said...

Well and I thought you were a cowgirl at heart! ;) Good on you for tearing off those tassels, and of course to make room for your gorgeous knits. :)