Friday, August 27, 2010

This weekends project

iLE AiYE Exclusive range - Black Net tank top

So I've been up since 2.30am, as I've a lot todo this weekend, Some I can share with you, whilst another I have to hold my tongue until Wednesday when all will be revealed,
We have a long weekend ahead as Monday is a bank holiday, so tomorrow I'm off to visit my sister over in Devon, which means today and Monday I'll be knitting my fingers raw.

My lovely Girlfriend Renee requested a halter-neck dress using the same net technique as my tank top above, Renee is a singer so I suspect she'll be strutting her stuff on stage sometime in the coming month wearing an iLE AiYE dress, which is pretty exciting for me.
Hopefully she won't mind if I grab a few images of her wearing the finished results, when she pops round next week to collect it.

One nice thing this morning, is, we have sunshine, first time in about a month.

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