Tuesday, September 7, 2010

London has slid quickly into autumn mode

OPELLE Lotus Bag - Pebbled Elkskin Leather in Rich Chocolate - Made to Order
Yesterday the weather in london was just yuck, not only does this confirm that summer is gone, but that the boots and winter jackets which only got put away in mid May, are to be pulled out again, with this in mind it means to, that my summer shopper bag has to hang back on it's hook till next summer, and out comes a more suitable bag for the winter,
My current winter bag is the satchel type, this was the first leather bag I made, I love it, but it can be a bit impractical when carrying the shopping, and trying to locate the house keys.
However, I just found a lovely alternative, the lotus bag, it's just gorgeous, the leather looks soft, yet sturdy, the texture and dark colour is perfect, and you can wear it as a cross body.
So this is on my wish list.


Louise said...

How absolutely exquisite! I love this.

cherylline said...

The leather is gorgeous isn't it,