Friday, September 3, 2010

New unisex Collar

so yesterday in-between knitting up orders, I squeezed in a bit of sewing, A unisex double layered wool plaid collar with leather straps that snap together
I'll be listing it in my odds and sods store later today, during my next tea break, for now i have to start packing up orders, I have a hat to finish, and a mountain of knitting.


Louise said...

I just love this! Very masculine and classy - and some men don't like the wool long scarf look so this would be perfect for them! Watch them fly out the door... ;)

cherylline said...

oh thanks lousie,
I cut out the pattern and material for this nearly 18months ago, yesterday I figured it was time I stitched it together. ;)

Louise said...

Oh I do that too! I have half made projects all over the place! On the way to finishing them, I find something else and start a new project!