Thursday, December 15, 2011

A beautiful Job

I thought I'd share a recent purchase which my son bought for his grandparents. We decided a touching gift of my parents recently passed away parrot would be a special early christmas present, and where else to find a suitable artist than etsy, We settled on Joyce at as she appeared to be subtle with her colours, just a couple of convo's and one image of the parrot, and a week later Joyce had created this beautiful 10 x 10 acrylic. Grandparents are totally thrilled and emotional at such a touching gift. and I'm delighted to have found a truely lovely painter.


azuredayart said...

I've only just spotted this (22 January) - thank you so much for your enthusiastic review! This was a very enjoyable commission, and I appreciate your comments. This is so sweet of you. Joyce

cherylline said...

My pleasure Joyce, I was utterly delighted with your work, as were my parents.