Sunday, December 18, 2011

It's nearly Christmas

boy am I ready for a day off, I've not done an inch of christmas prep, No decorations, no shopping, no cards, zilch.... And the way my knitting schedule has me tied up, it will be Christmas eve at around 11am before I can hit the shops. So this year I decided I won't be slaving in the kitchen, or rushing around the shops to grab a trolley load of food, but instead decided to take my boys and a dear friend out to this gorgeous restaurant just around the corner from our home. I'd originally booked somewhere else, but got a call this week to say they weren't actually open on Christmas day my heart sank at the thought of cooking, shopping blah blah, so I racked my brain and remembered this lovely place, and as the heavens would have it they were open on Christmas day, and they had a table for 4. YEAH. I hope all your christmas plans are going smoothly, and your time is spent with those you love and enjoy. MERRY CHRISTMAS

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Louise said...

How awesome! Perfect. I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas! We all did that one year - went to a restaurant, and it was the best, no cleaning up, no fussing around, everyone on the same level. It's grand. Enjoy and take a break. xx