Sunday, June 20, 2010

Early mornings

Life in the iLE AiYE household has been starting ridiculously early again this week, averaging around 4am, this morning it was 4.30am, I'm not complaining, cause I actually really love this time of the day, the city is just waking up, so it's pretty quiet. The sky has also been blue most mornings this week, although sadly it's turned grey again around 7am. And of course it means I can work in tranquillity

Anyway this morning i decided one of my knitted shrugs needed to be stitched and finally pictured. it'd been waiting for this process for about 3 weeks. As is often the case the timing was perfect, just as the scissors clipped off the last thread my son woke up, to head out to football training. So I hassled him to take a couple of pictures, he didn't mumble to much, which was extra nice.

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