Friday, June 25, 2010

a Warm comfy sweaters

so who doesn't love a warm comfy sweater, Do you often wear your boyfriends, husbands, dads oversized worn and loved jumpers,
Well if you do, fear no more, here is the iLE AiYE upgrade,
Designed around my original Exclusive sweater but just a little shorter, and knitted with a different, less expensive yarn, makes this version a more affordable option.

Also available in a jet black, and an ivory cream. pictures of these will be available when time permits me to knit them up.
I'll also be making some accessories to match, such as a Cowl, which will turn the sweater from a crew neck into a polo neck in one easy step, and a matching hoodie like this, is on the cards, so then you could have one sweater with three different looks.
and possibly a matching hat, gloves and leg warmers, are on the horizon, but I'll put some thought into that one first.

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