Sunday, September 6, 2009

apparently I'm a knitting fairy :-)

I thought I'd just share this with you, it made me smile first thing this morning, A prospective customer, who's in the midst of placing an order wrote this to me. :

'hi, OH MY GOODNESS!!! i found your shop and am convinced you are a knitting fairy....i am blown away by how exquisite, yet totally hip your designs are, i adore everything'.
Not only did this message make me smile, but yesterday, the word 'hippy' kept ringing in my head, some person, some while ago, suggested my style was hippy. I've mulled this over and well, all I could keep coming up with is 1. the person clearly doesn't know anything about style. and 2. she probably wouldn't know hip if it hit her in her face.
So my little karma god clearly felt my discomfort with these words ringing around in my head yesterday, and sent a little note via my new customer, who unbiasedly, referred to my designs as 'hip'. :-) what's the chances of that ah. so today I don't have the word 'hippy' ringing in my head. :-) It has suitably been replaced, with 'knitting Fairy'

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