Friday, September 11, 2009

Just gonna 'big up' my son for a minute

This morning, I got a lovely message from a fellow etsyan, He's blogged about the above shrug, but he also put this lovely note with his message.
You're in my blog! love your store and your creations! so feminine and lovely.By the way, your photos are a work of art. I understood from your profile it is your son's? He should consider opening a store just as well!I think a photo like the 1st one of this item could sell just as well. So refined!
How nice this person took the time not only to read all of my profile, but to also tell me how great my son's photography is.
Jordan's been doing my pictures now since April, and I tell him every time he helps me out, that he should consider taking up photography, it seems so easy for him, Often he's in such a rush to take my pictures, cause he's going out, or just come in, and can't be bothered, but knows I'll pester him, so he gives in, He just leans up against the wall, camera in hand, and nonchalantly snaps the shots. The images in my store, are completely as he took them, the most I've ever had to do is just crop the edges, Non of the images been photo shopped, or manipulated in any way.
I dare say, he won't take up photography, at least not yet, But I do think his life's path will lead him there one day.
BOY BOY to Jordan. XXX

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We Make Christmas said...

h what a lovely message, and yes he is right Jordan is doing a fab job at your photography, he should def take it up and try selling some.