Wednesday, September 9, 2009

i'm in the mood for dancing

I thought I'd just share this with you.
Yesterday, I took my usual daily trip to the post office, (it's the only time I get out these days)
During which my good friend Natalie, called me, (she's about to become a house hold name, as tesco's and waitrose have signed her up to supply her tasty dish - I'll blog about this in the next few weeks) so anyway we're in the middle of chatting about waitrose, when her dish will go in-store etc. so it's quite a serious-ish convo. Then all of a sudden, i walk past 4 women who are sat outside our local dance studio. - the dance attic - I fink, I know that women, (she's dragging on a cigarette, oh and that women, and so on. I quickly interrupt my friend, and say OMG I've just walked past the Nolan Sisters. Well it was like we were two school kids again, we both creased up laughing so much so, we couldn't talk to one another for minutes. I
suspect our fit of laughter had nothing really to do with the Nolan sisters (I mean they're not that funny) instead was more about our excitement for her utterly delicious dish and it's success.

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