Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Are you a hoarder

Just a little story for you.
I buy yarn, like it's food, I compulsive shop on the net for it, and obviously can't walk past a yarn shop without coming out having spent way to much.
Well my brother will remember this part of the story well, the above yarns I first bought when I started knitting some 4 - 5 years ago. From my most favourite yarn shop in Wales, I bought a pack of each colour, knitted a couple of shawls from it, and before the week was out, I'd sold these shawls. Luckily my brother was coming to visit me the following weekend, so with instructions, to both him, and the yarn shop, and lots of wonga passing hands, he happily brought with him the stash, I tell you when he arrived with the yarn, I'd bought 50 packs of each colour, and there are a dozen 50g balls in each pack. OMG if you could have seen his car, he couldn't even see out of the back window. HAHA
Well I reassured Timi and my son (who's room I was about to stash it all in) that's I'd knit it all up, and not to worry.
So here we are, just over 5 years later, I was convinced I'd used the last bag of each shade.
yes all 100 bags, 1,200 balls.
So imagine my delight when on Sunday I had a little rummage through my huge recycled fireworks box which lives in my bedroom, and holds a mass of fabric, findings, some of my 1000 or so yarns, and basically anything I might need to keep me busy. I thought I'm sure there is one more bag left at the bottom.
With the biggest smile, I found another half dozen or so bags,
So yeah I guess I am a hoarder, but for good reason.


AMIdesigns said...

It's great when you find super things you've forgotten about. I hoard everything too. We have boxes in the attic that moved with us from England to Scotland 13 years ago and then Scotland to N Ireland 2 years ago. They have never been emptied but may be full of essential items :D

cherylline said...

Ami, you're gonna have fun one day when you open up them boxes, and find that little something you'd long forgotton about,

i think you should go in the attic this weekend, there maybe some antique beads. ;-)