Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Follow your intuition

So yesterday, it was the most beautiful, warm sunny day here in london.

I'd knitted all morning long, and at around 11.30 I thought I'm going outside to knit, To sit in the grounds of our flat.

so I checked my orders and what I could knit up whilst outside, I knew I should knit one particular order, but I figured there was no point, as I wouldn't have it finished in time for the post later that day, So I looked for another order that could be completed within a couple of hours.

so I picked this cream shrug. the order had only come in the night before, and was listed as made-to-order will take 2-3 days to dispatch, hence that wouldn't need to go in the post until Friday.

But I thought ah not to worry I'll do it anyway.

So I heads off, knits up the shrug. enjoys the sun, then came indoors to start stitching and packing up orders for the post office.

So on checking the address for the cream shrug, I notice there's a note from the buyer, (I'm so rubbish sometimes at checking these notes) well she'd only written, can you please have this to me (in the USA) before the 19th, as I'm going to wear it for my wedding.

Well you can imagine my relief, and of course my sense of accomplishments of listening to my intuition. The shrug went in the post, via speedy delivery, Communication with the customer later meant she forwarded me the additional funds for extra post costs, and all being well my customer will have her bridal shrug way before the 19th.
So on this occasion my intuition worked, and wasn't mislead by brain which might on another occasion, have interrupted with 'reason'

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